My Forced Vaccinations Worries

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Christians Awake 2 NWO

I live in California and I am a Christian. I am very upset about the vaccination push here and the people who are pushing it are telling us what they are taught to say. They are trying to use scare and bully tactics to push vaccinations on the public. They are also using false flag incidents like what happened at Disneyland. I am willing to homeschool my child so he doesn’t have to get vaccinated but I am not getting support from family and friends. It is one of the reasons I am worried about the whole situation. One of my good friends is a nurse and she is trying very hard to argue with me. I am trying to calmly tell her my views but she turned into a yelling machine trying to get me to get vaccines and tell me my son may become sterile and I could…

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Quick Critique of A.D. Episode 2 (The Errors Continue)

This is why I do not bother with watching these bible movies on TV.

Steak and a Bible

A.D. LogoI’ve now endured the second episode of A.D. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. The same big problem that plagued episode 1, also plagued the second episode: so many additions to the historical narrative.

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The Media, Schools and Today’s Culture is Ruining Our Kids

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Trust me, I know how difficult it is. I have to remind my kids to turn that junk off that they keep trying to sneak on. They think it is harmless and you will get rude remarks from your kids, your family and your friends if you try to take them from Disney or Nickelodeon.  Perhaps if you see these videos with them, they might change their mind. Schools, TV, Music Industry, Movies, Toys and everywhere your kids look is potential to try to persuade your children that these sins, this lifestyle, this look is OK and normal.

Deuteronomy 23:17   There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.

Sound the Battle Cry: Disney Pushes  Pedophilia and Sodomite Teen Agenda

Conspiracy of Silence Banned Documentary (Cover Up of Satanic Pedofile Abuse by US Politicians) [1 hr]
TBN’s Paul Crouch and Pedophile Encounter
Katy Perry is popular among young girls